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In Docker Daemon > Settings -> Shared Drives screen: • click Reset credentials > tick drive C > click Apply. • type DockerDiskSharing in user name and DockerDiskSharing in password. • click OK. Error 2: "error while creating mount source path" or "drive has not been shared": -Solution:. sudo docker build-t flaskproject . (don’t forget the dot) After building the image, run the bash inside the docker container using an interactive shell through the following command. sudo docker run -ti -p 5001:5001 flaskproject bash. The above command runs the image by connecting the ports and opens the bash. Inside the bash, run the command -. . To have the COPY command in the Dockerfile copy over another_file , which may or may not be there, write the command as: COPY Dockerfile another_file* . This will ensure the COPY operation is successful. The Dockerfile becomes: FROM ruby:2.5.1-slim RUN mkdir /app WORKDIR /app COPY Dockerfile another_file* . Step 6/9 : COPY Dockerfile another.
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